Being a detective (work these days)

These days work is fun. I have a handful of project of various complexity, and the deeper I dig, the more related projects I discover.

Example: streamlining and organizing existing apps and setting up continuous integration that works for Python and potentially node in the future.

Python is great and all that. But I’m struggling with all the dependencies and pieces to be managed (module dependency, db, aws storage, cron, source control and remote server management). Using js-only stack with heroku and deployments triggered via git in the past was way quicker.

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One thought on “Being a detective (work these days)

  1. Kim

    We’re trying to make the move to continuous delivery (CD) along with test driven development (TDD). The biggest challenge has been the younger developers, anxious to meet deadlines and prove themselves by being head down writing code and nothing else. They fail to write their automated unit tests and completely ignore the process for CD.

    I’m finding that education and force of will is really important to ensure compliance with a new process. In my case, that new process, is TDD and CD.

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