Hi, I’m Tanya, thanks for stopping by!

I write about current technology (lately loving node.js and mongo), tips on how to solve random bugs, and fun things to do in NYC.

I settled in NYC after living in Philly and St. Petersburg, Russia, and I’m proud to call Kazakhstan my home country.

Career-wise, I started my journey in web development, then moved into SEO field and built and launched a software startup, HitTail. I also lead technical initiatives for high profile non-profit organizations, and developed an in-house tracking and automation software for a media company. Currently I’m a technical director at a top digital agency in New York, helping large national brands execute cutting-edge digital and social campaigns.

My dream is to become one of the best in the industry by learning from smart, inspiring people and doing great work daily. I’d love to travel more, spend lots of fun time with friends and family, learn at least 2 more languages, and become a better surfer and snowboarder.

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