Presentations on node.js and Heroku hosting

My latest tech interests are node.js/mongo on (fashion), followers of certain brands – whatever you want.

I’m hoping to put it into a good demo soon and share on my blog, and meanwhile, I’m posting a couple of introductory presentations I did on my node/mongo/heroku stack:

Node.js in real life

Hosting apps on Heroku

What does a Technical Director actually do?

It’s been very busy in the office lately, with a variety of projects going on with my accounts, and I really missed posting to my blog. Aside from work, there has been also a ton on things happening in my personal life, which are all awesome. I created a separate personal blog for that which I’m not ready to share yet, but might do at some point in the future. And then also I traveled for fun and business.

So as busy as the past few weeks have been, I feel lucky and fulfilled to be working on a lot of different things, and have so many things happening in life too. Here I wanted to talk about work a bit more.

Since the beginning of the year I’ve been working on 2 large projects, a whole handful of smaller ones, and also new business/strategy. Each of those is so distinctly different, and aside from occasional hassles and mini-annoyances, I enjoy the work. My team completed or just about to complete:

  • a large site redesign and migration of this site to the new larger “umbrella” domain (aside from development and coding, also everything that follows site migration – preserving SEO, doing correct URL rewrites and redirection, thinking about compatibility on mobile devices, tracking, etc.)
  • a large new site launch. The site is brand new and optimized for mobile phone screens. One funny thing on this one was having the only developer assigned to it quit 2 weeks before it had to be done, with nothing done, of course
  • a big bunch of other site updates and enhancements, that even though are small, still require good deal of attention and coordination
  • IA, wireframes, content audit and specifications for a large multi-language website (prior to redesign)
  • brainstorming and idea-generating sessions for a new client for a big product launch
  • day-to-day stuff like answering questions related to any of the above and old projects, helping new hires learn process, managing vendors, etc.

As you can see, this range of work really stretches your potential and makes it very interesting (although creates time challenges). And I love it. Thinking of this made me remember a Show&Tell talk I gave last year about what a typical day in a life of a Technical Director looks like (here’s the link to the deck file). Oh, and I don’t like to brag, but as of January 1st of this year I was promoted to a Sr. Technical Director (I think titles are only somewhat relevant because I kick ass no matter what the job is called :) but still feels awesome, nevertheless!