15 minute DIY welcome banner

Here’s how you can make a quick “Welcome Home” banner for your favorite person, who’s coming back from the airport in less than an hour.

Supplies needed:
– MTA subway map (available for free at any subway kiosk)
– Black Sharpie
– Scotch tape (or glue, but I find tape way quicker and easier)
– String, about 1.5 – 2 meters long
– Pencil (or pen, crayon, anything), scissors

Step 1.

The MTA map is folded trifold, which is perfect. Open up the map until you have 3 folds, and draw zig zag lines from top to bottom, so you have triangular flag shapes

Step 2.

Cut the map into triangular flags

Step 3.

Use Sharpie to write “Welcome Home” letters, or any other message you want

Step 4.

Fold top of flags about an inch, so you can put the string in that fold. Wrap around the string and tape it (or glue it)

Step 5.

Repeat so all flags are stringed together. Tip: since you’ll be taping on the back of the flags, you’ll want to string them in reverse order. So for “welcome home” you’ll want to start with the last E in the word “home” (e-m-o-h e-m-o-c-l-e-w)

Bonus tip: I had some extra space so I added the name (and who doesn’t love hearing/seeing their name!), and an exclamation point at the end.

Tada! All done! Hang this pretty sucker up high somewhere, and pat yourself on the back on the quick, but impressive job well done!