Notes from the Generate Conference 2015 in NYC

It was an amazing Friday last week, at the Generate Conference in NYC.

Here’s a brief recap of topics covered (from my point of view).

Best talks
– Expertise category: Lara Hogan on performance
– Case study category: Jon Setzen on 24-hour experience
– Entertaining category: Dave Rupert on prototyping and play
– Energizing and ass-kicking category: Mike Monteiro on 13 designers’ mistakes

Notable trends
– performance is being taken seriously now. Everyone recommended, and working across teams to educate them on importance of performance optimization, and establishing “performance budget” for your projects
– rapid prototyping helps win business
– it’s a designer’s job to lead a presentation and “sell” the design to clients. “A good designer who can sell work is more valuable than a great designer who can’t.”

Random notes
– Brad Frost cracking up the entire time during Dave Rupert’s presentation. Crowd-energizing talk by Mike Monteiro. It is pure joy to watch someone who’s not only an expert, but also funny and/or brutally honest
– Shopify workshop was informative and inspiring. I built a Shopify store 3 years ago, and it was a great experience. Good opportunity for developers to make money by being experts/affiliates on their platform
– Good format, venue and programming. One day, 2 tracks, great speakers, AND reasonable pricing
– Got Mike’s book and Shopify’s Grow guide. Happy.

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