How to save on flight tickets with Skiplagged, real example

A lot of you heard of Skiplagged, the site that saves you money on air tickets, created by this awesome guy, who is not backing down from the United lawsuit and continues to help people find cheap flight options.

I decided to give it a try, when my search for a R/T flight from New York to Montreal jumped to $475 (from $350 a day before). Because who is paying that for a 2-day trip, when you can get that same direct flight for half the price!

What does Skiplagged do?

  • It takes your destination airport, and searches for flights where that airport would be a stop-over. The 2nd leg of the trip would be somewhere else.
  • You, obviously, won’t need to take the 2nd leg. As long as you don’t check your luggage, you get off the plane and walk away.
  • And this way the trip is cheaper, because of some shady airline pricing tricks they play on consumers. Skiplagged to the rescue!
  • So here is my example (today tickets even more expensive, as we get closer to the travel date):

    New York (LGA) to Montreal (YUL), non stop flight: $607 round trip if you search on Orbitz, Kayak, Google flights, etc. OUCH!

    Go to Skiplagged, and type in your search. And WOW! $236, that’s savings of 61%, ladies and gents!

    You can’t book those flights directly on Skiplagged site, but just do another search on any site, knowing what your “new destination” would be, and book away.

    If someone tells me that it’s not a genius travel idea, I don’t know what is. Thank you Aktarer for this awesome service!

    85 thoughts on “How to save on flight tickets with Skiplagged, real example

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    2. Alex

      I love the fact that you found a loop hole to get us travelers better deals! there’s nothing wrong with it. We’re still paying for our seat on the plane, but shopped in a smarter way..almost like extreme coupons, but with traveling.

      1. Tanya

        Thanks Alex. The story was covered in a lot of online publications, so I read about it and decided to try and see how it works. I thought it was a brilliant idea (my personal opinion).

        It seems to work for a lot of people, but everyone should of course, still use their judgement when actually booking flights.

        Thanks for reading and commenting!


    3. your web site almost cost me a lot of money.
      Went to web site and booked a flight.
      Had to pay for outbound trip first.
      Then before I could get to return flight had to pay a DONATION to skiplaaged web site to get back to web site.
      Then could not book return flight.
      At the advertised price

      1. Tanya

        Hi Kenneth,

        I did not book through Skiplagged, but through the airline websites. This is just an example of how it could potentially save you money, as every situation is different.

        Apologies if you had problems with booking, this example was just to illustrate the concept.

        Thanks for reading and commenting!


    4. Marcos

      So, when I get to the layover destination (but the one I want to go) I just get off the plane???,

      The problem that I can never check bags… isnt it?

    5. If anyone thinks that a web site to save one money is not playing fair then that only tells me they are airline employees. I would like to see what those peoples shopping habits are. I do not care who you are, if anyone has a chance to save money, they are not going to pick the more expensive option just because… Our country was founded on a free market economy so how is a site to save consumers money wrong. Give me a break!

    6. joe

      continuing with your illustrative example, how do you get back to new york after a couple of days in montreal? having already deplaned at montreal, how do you then check back into your return flight back to ny from montreal? would it be correct to say that this only works for 1-way trips?

    7. Tanya

      Joe – you’d book the return trip in a similar fashion, it’s the 2nd trip in the Skiplagged screenshot.

      In this example, it flies out of Montreal to NYC, and the 2nd leg flies to Rochester. So you’d just get off in NYC.

    8. Nikki

      I really hope you win…and you will!
      I’m happy someone thought of us, travelers. Not everyone have hundredths of dollars to spend on trips that may not necessarily be for recreational purposes, but for other reasons.
      I sincerely hope you win!!!! Praying for you.

    9. I have never tried this websit. But when I want to try, I could book ticket. I wish you win because you are doing good things for cumsumers.

    10. Martin

      What happens, say for example, using the Air Canada scenario, if the the carrier has a schedule change on one of the flights and decides to protect (rebook) me on a nonstop they have from LGA to Toronto? I purchased a ticket with the intents to just go to Montreal but contractually I purchased a ticket to Toronto. How would I get to Montreal?

    11. Brittany

      Ok so I’m
      Trying to fly to Atlanta from Charlotte. It’s a 48 minute flight and I can’t find a flight under $300. I thought this site was my savior but I can’t find fares. Help

      1. Tanya

        Hi Brittany, this was just an example of possible savings. Everyone’s case is different, as you know. Hope you can still find some good deals on flights. Good luck!

    12. Chris

      Hey, so I just booked my departure flight with Delta, and went over to United..but can’t find the flight that your website posted.I can find the flight when I put it in as my destination but it’s almost 5 times the cost :/

      1. Tanya

        Hey Chris, this was just an example of possible savings. As you can imagine, it wouldn’t be possible to predict exact flight costs and times and availability.

        Thanks for visiting and your comment. Hope you still find a good deal!

    13. Anon

      I just booked a flight for my son using Skiplagged. Had I booked the flight on ANY airline going direct, it would have cost at LEAST $319. I booked it for $132. AMAZING!!!! It’s so refreshing for us “regular people” to have access to wallet-friendly prices, rather than paying these multinational corporations EXHORBITANT (extortionist? haha) fees that they all charge. And they RARELY pay taxes like the middle class does. They routinely receive corporate welfare, and pay their employees shit wages, pocketing the profits, and paying CEO’s ridiculous salaries – all while their employees struggle financially. SCORE ONE FOR THE 99%!!!


      Please consider donating to his cause here:

      No, I’m not affiliated with Mr. Zaman, Skiplagged, or anyone else involved. I’m just a grateful mom who can afford to see her son because of this amazing website. It appears (according to a post on the gofundme site) that the United and Orbitz lawsuit was dismissed 15 days ago on technical grounds. However, consider donating (I did) as the “merits” of the case haven’t yet been argued. I can see this getting bigger, and gaining more airlines attention – which may put the site at risk. Go with your gut, folks.

    14. Robert

      I was looking for BOS to SLC flight July 25th.
      It found BOS – SLC – PHX for $475.
      For return flight slightly higher price $509 I get return flight I want SLC to BOS.

      So I go Delta website and look for the same flight DL 2083 to SLC and DL 966 to PHX. Price is $534. Even on priceline/kayak etc. I could not find cheap Delta flight.

      Return flight on US Air $223. That makes $757 RT.

      So I can’t tell how this site reported $509 roundtrip in first place (it should breakdown cost for each leg).

      PS: I tried several times same result.

    15. Jack

      Great site!

      I haven’t done any stop-over flights yet, so my question is: will I be allowed to take my carry-on luggage from the plane during the stop-over?..

    16. Jack

      Or they just change planes during the stop-overs?…:)

      Another Question – is the size of a carry-on luggage is rather enough for a single traveler?…

      Thanx in advance!

      1. Tanya

        Jack – they just change planes, so everyone gets off the plane with their carry-ons. And the amount of things in your carry-on luggage depends on how you travel, and how many days…

    17. Raymond

      Hi health
      First off I hope u guys win and thank you for helping people. That’s awesome. Now the problem I’m having is understanding your example. CAN you please break it down step by step button by button for us. I don’t understand why you say go back to airlines aND this app is taking me to Priceline almost everytime and I go to Priceline via computer and the prices are different. Thanks please help

    18. Emma

      Ok so I just downloaded the skylagged app & found a great price roundtrip from Oakland to Atlanta on delta & spirit airlines but when I tried booking it. A mssg popped up it can’t be done because they being sued by United Airlines. Yet mine was for delta & spirit not united. Perhaps better explanation is needed & the site don’t offer great deal & then renege when it’s booking time. All that did was play with my emotions, had me high one minute & low the next. Not cool

    19. Linh


      This maybe a stupid question but if I skip the 2nd leg, I’m just walking off the airport? No one would check my ticket right?

      My friend will flight from NYC (domestic flight) but we are not US citizen, just have US visa so I’m afraid we’ll have to check for immigration or sth and they wont allow us to cut off the tripthanks

    20. Jackie

      Saves you money & why should it be withheld from the public if that’s what everyone wants? Definitely one of the first flight service engines I look on for flights!

    21. Hector

      Im a little confused on how the savings work. I want to book a flight from San Francisco to New York on June 26th through June 29th. When I went into skiplagged it gave me a departure schedule and then it gives me a return schedule from New York to San Francisco. Phoenix is the Layover city not New York. Should I be searching for New York as the layover city? The pricing is way off and I don’t think those are savings :( Nearly 1,000 dollars for a roundtrip? What the heck. :(

      — I think i’m doing the search completely wrong :(

    22. Lee Williams

      On impulse I wanted to see my girlfriend before New Years and that in itself is a difficult time period to book ANYTHING cheap and close to the date in which to fly. Literally that day December 31st I booked the ticket and everywhere else it was 400+ using skiplagged got me the ticket for $132 I thought it was a joke, I wasn’t sold until I was bording the plane, and it was a round trip ticket? I have and will continue to use this site! Seriously and highly recommended!

    23. Mike

      I find the flight I want, and when I choose to book now….it opens to a page that says “unable to book flight bc skiplagged is being sued”.

      What do I do?

    24. Raquel

      Does this site still work as I’m getting a message about United Airlines suing the company. Can I still book on this site?

    25. Joy Paul

      I loved this website. I love even more because I used this tactic in small scale and a fellow Bangladeshi exposed this loop hole in grand way. Bravo Bro

    26. Basma

      Thank you Tanya. It is a wonderful website. I just booked my flight. It worked!!! I wish you beat United lawsuit and win. May be you can collect supporting signatures on FaceBook. I am sure a lot of people will sign since this website will save all of us a lot of money!!
      Best of luck!

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