Helping as a TA for the MongoDB M102 Spring class

I have a quick exciting announcement! I wrote about taking 10gen’s M101 and M102 online courses last fall, and about excellent quality of their videos and content.

Well, after the course completion, I was happy to learn that I got to be one of the top graduates for M102 (MongoDB for DBAs track). I did pretty good in M101 but mis-submitted one of the answers by checking an option that was too similar to the correct answer, but was incorrect.

10gen asked top graduates if they would like to offer assistance in the next round of classes, and of course I said that I’d love to help, since I’ve been really impressed by the company, their product and the education portal they put together. A few conversations later, they invited me to participate in the M102 Spring course as a TA (teaching assistant).

I’m helping out by answering questions in the discussion board and clarifying details on home work and quizzes. It’s really cool that some other discussion participants are so knowledgeable and willing to help other fellow students out.

If you’d like to learn more – 10gen Education blog is a great resource where Andrew Erlichson, 10gen’s VP of Education, writes about how they created the courses, cost and equipment involved, and even some interesting stats on the Fall semester (about 19% of students enrolled graduated with scores 65% or higher, for both M101 and M102). Check it out.

And of course, definitely sign up for the online classes – such invaluable in-depth content, and anyone who successfully completes them will get cool certificates, just like I did :P

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