GOOD challenge finalists announced

A couple of months ago I wrote about a great iniative from Coding for GOOD, where applicants from any background, even without prior programming experience, could take online classes and submit their projects for a chance to get a cool job in LA!

The other day Robbyn from GOOD Worldwide, reached out to me on Twitter letting me know that the finalists have been chosen! So exciting! And what’s really cool is that one of the finalists is from NYC – Ada Ng from Brooklyn. Definitely read about the finalists and their projects on the GOOD website.

And check back tomorrow, because the last round (a weekend hackathon) has been completed, and the winner is being chosen today and will be announced tomorrow! Who do you think it will be? In any case – I think it’s a really big achievement for all finalists, big congrats to each of them and kudos to GOOD for organizing this. Can’t wait to find out who the winner is and follow their brand new career gig at GOOD!

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