Book recommendations: January 2013

In the past month or so I managed to read 4 more books. Interestingly enough, they can be grouped by 2 themes: life stories with historical background narrated by women and World War 2 .

â??The Red Tentâ? and â??Someone Knows My Nameâ? will probably appeal more to the female audience, as there are a lot of mother-daughter lines, although the history angle might interest guys as well. I liked the 2nd book more, because of a better story development and fascinating historical background (slave trade from Africa to the Americas), but both are really good reads.

The WW2 books are â??Those who save usâ? and â??Leningradâ?. The first one is a fiction novel revolving around a life story of a German civilian during and after the war.

The â??Leningradâ? book is actually an amazing compiled non-fiction work shedding light on so many facts about the blockade (siege) of Leningrad, that were previously hidden or lied about. Now the whole picture of that horrible time, based on archives and witnessesâ?? diaries, available to the English-speaking audience. A lot of the details are really grim (and so was the reality of that time), but I just could not stop reading, sometimes late into the night. I lived in St. Petersburg for 4 years, and just trying to imagine the places I know back in 1942 was a haunting experience. Highly recommended, especially for a steal price of around $3 for a Kindle edition.

The 5th book I included is just a recommendation for the WW2-theme, a great engaging fiction novel called â??The Invisible Bridgeâ?. I really enjoyed it.

If you have any suggestions for similar books (or even anything else unrelated) – let me know in the comments, as Iâ??m always on a lookout for great reads.

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