Holiday gift idea: DIY cupcakes made of fuzzy socks

Another quick and easy idea that’s great if you need to give gifts to a large group of people; give socks! Because who doesn’t love socks? And the love only increases with time, as shown on this highly scientific chart:

You will need:

  • Fuzzy socks (any socks will do, but I love super soft ones, also pastel or bright colors will look best). I got mine at Uniqlo – amazing quality and a steal at $10 for 2 pairs
  • Muffin paper cups/liners, fairly large in diameter, because you’ll need to fit socks into it. Holiday or other pretty patterns will work great, but plain white will be nice too. I got mine at the Container Store
  • Rubber bands, can be found at Staples
  • Pretty ribbon, I got mine at the Container Store
  • Mini pompoms or anything else of bright color that looks like cherry. I think lollipops in clear wrap will work well too. I got mini pompoms at the Paper Presentation store
  • Clear bags for treats, mine were from Target, I think any party supply store will have them

Steps to create the cupcakes:

  • Roll socks into a bundle starting from the toe
  • Put a rubber band around it, so it stays put
  • Adjust the middle layers into a cupcake shape
  • Carefully stuff the socks into the muffin liner
  • Tie a ribbon around your cupcake
  • Put the mini pompom or other decoration on top of your cupcake
  • Put it into the clear plastic back
  • Attach ribbons, tags or any other additional decoration if desired

Gift and impress the heck out of everyone! :)

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