Holiday hostess gift: Cookie Balls

Yes, you heard it right: cookie balls!

I have a funny story to tell first. It was my first year working at the agency, so during one of the client calls we were discussing an idea for a holiday app. It had to evolve around holiday sweets, and the client did not want to do cookies (because – duh, everyone does cookies!). One trend that just came out around that time was cake balls. But you know, cake making can be too time-consuming. So everyone started to throw around ideas, and lo and behold, someone blurted: “What about cookie balls?” And so the cookie balls were born!

It is now a real thing, where you crush cookies and glue them together into yummy goodness using cream cheese. The fun thing about them, you can make different flavors, colors and toppings, and it’s like a tenth of the effort compared to cake balls!

So here you go: cookie balls that make a great gift to bring along to holiday parties.

Step 1: Make cookie balls

  • Soften 1 package of low-fat cream cheese (or go full-fat if you so desire)
  • Crush Oreo cookies into crumbs, about 3 cups (actually you can use any cookies you like)
  • Mix crumbs with cream cheese and make 1 inch balls (don’t forget to wash your hands before you start rolling, haha)
  • Take 16oz of Baker’s semi-sweet chocolate and melt it in the microwave
  • Dip your cookie balls in chocolate carefully and put them to dry on parchment paper
  • Sprinkle some crushed walnuts, colored sprinkles, coconut flakes or anything else you like
  • Refrigerate until firm

Step 2: Just as important – presentation!

I’m a huge believer that presentation can make or break a gift. Funny enough, I just finished watching Weeds season 7, where Nancy makes the same discovery – that presentation is everything.

Anyways: get a nice round cookie tin and some mini-cupcake liners. Put your freshly made cookie balls into cupcake liners, and into the tin.

Now they are yummy AND beautiful. Gift proudly!

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