Holiday gift idea: DIY fridge magnets

It’s holiday time of the year… again!

And for some of us, it’s time to prepare gifts for big family parties. Gift giving is fun, but figuring out what to get can be stressful. Also, it’s always appreciated if you bring something made by hand, and I love crafts, so I try to find quick and easy DIY projects that can be put together in a few hours.

I want to share an idea from a couple of years ago, hope some find it useful!

Cute round fridge magnets

You will need:
– Clear plastic cabochons, 3/4-1 inch in diameter, see photo below (can be bought at Michaels)
– Round magnets, 1/2 inch in diameter (can be bought at Michaels)
– Strong clear glue
– Old magazines with colorful pages or fun patterned paper of your choice, see example below
– Hole puncher 3/4 inch (I’m not sure of the exact name) – see photo below
– Clear box for putting your magnets in, I used a small 2×2, below (can be bought at the Container store)

*The choice of magazine ad is here only to demonstrate the pretty pattern, nothing else

– Select paper (can be from old magazines like I had) with pretty colorful patterns
– Using the hole puncher make a bunch of round little circles
– Take cabochons and glue the round circles to the flat part, so that your pattern faces the cabochon surface
– Glue the round magnet to the bottom side of your magnet
– Let the glue set
– Put your magnets into a pretty clear box and add ribbon/wrap as desired

Super easy and fun gift to make, and you can be sure it will be used – because who doesn’t have stuff hanging on their fridges?

*Aren’t these cute and awesome?

If you think it’s too tiny to be gifted by itself, add a nice box of chocolates and/or a bottle of wine. Tada! High five to you who just did all the gifting and had fun!

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