Modern-day superpower

I have a lot of admiration for polyglots. Imagine: being able to understand and converse with people of many countries and places! Sounds like a real, modern-day superpower to me!

It may sound daunting, but all languages seem pretty logical, and if you figure out common patterns and learn to memorize well, it is not that difficult.

So by chance, I heard about Tim Ferriss’ most recent book called a point!

Here’s a couple of exerpts from the book sample explaining the approach:

I’m only fluent in Russian and English, and know bits of Kazakh, Korean, German and Italian (just some words and counts, really), but I’d loooove to learn more to be able to speak and understand. Plus Dutch, Spanish, French and Japanese would be really cool ones to add to the mix. So I’m thinking Ill try and see how many languages I can learn in the next 6–12 months by deconstructing patterns and memorizing the essentials, versus the “standard” academic approach. Who’s willing to join me for the fun?

If you’re still not convinced: watch this amazing video of the little boy selling peacock feather fans in at least 10 languages! He’s gonna go far, man!

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