Life is a big deal – celebrate it!

In a life of a 6-year-old kid, a first recital is a big deal. My nephew woke up early today, 11 timezones away, got dressed in a white shirt, dark pants and his first bow tie and got ready to go to his preschool for his first performance. I saw him glowing over skype, as he proudly recited a poem about an autumn leaf that he learned for this grand occasion.

In a life of millions of New Yorkers, it is a big deal when your city gets back on its feet, after a week-long hiatus, and it feels great to ride the subway in the morning rush hour, because it’s a miracle it’s up and running again – a reason worth celebrating.

For a man who worked all his life protecting public safety as a part of a big city police force, it’s a big deal to reach a well-deserved retirement milestone – a wonderful reason to get together and honor this achievement.

So go ahead and celebrate things in your life, no matter how big or small, and share them with the world. And if you’re invited to be a part of someone’s life event – accept the honor and let that shared joy brighten your day!

*I’m such a proud aunt! Photo masterfully captured by Sean