When I retire, I will NOT

I went to my first retirement party last weekend. It wasn’t me who retired (yet). It was for Sean’s uncle, and it was great and warm, because all relatives got together to celebrate and honor a big life achievement – service in the police force for many, many years.

When I was shopping for greeting cards, I picked one with a little dog in shades flying to some fun destination. The inside of the card said: “You’re free now! Go nuts!”

*You get the idea…

This got me thinking: do you really need to retire, or achieve some kind of a milestone, to be allowed to go nuts? Why not go nuts now – just put on your favorite sunglasses, hop on a plane and explore some fun destination?

Then I came across very simple:

  • Make a list of all fun things you want to do when you retire (“When I retire, I will learn salsa dance”)
  • Remove the “when I retire” part
  • Start doing all those things now

Also, to avoid wasting your time, since life is short, do this:

  • Make a list of things you WILL NOT do when you retire
  • Stop doing all those things now

I think it’s brilliant. Let me start:

The things that I will do (not waiting til I retire):

  • Travel
  • Surf
  • Find something to laugh about every day
  • Be with my family
  • Garden

The things that I will NOT do:

  • Do work that I don’t believe has any meaning
  • Watch TV
  • Eat bad food
  • Worry

Let’s all go nuts and have fun NOW, and stop doing things that hold us down!

*This is me at retirement

2 thoughts on “When I retire, I will NOT

  1. Deity

    Отличный подход! Жаль не всегда получается так жить :)) Но нужно стараться! :)

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