New voting system, Hot or Not style

The election is finally over and behind us! Phew! Aren’t you glad we don’t have to make a hard decision like this for another 4 years?

For the next election cycle however, I propose a new system that’s much easier, more fun and doesn’t require you to spend hours listening to noodle on TV before you make up your mind. It’s dirt simple: Hot or Not style!

You see a photo of each candidate, side by side, and then make your decision that takes 5 seconds max. Ladies – ask yourself which one would you rather go on a date with. Guys – ask yourself who would you rather grab a beer with.

Bonus addition to ensure as many people as possible vote: One person who voted will be chosen at random to go on an actual date/grab beer with the winning candidate the day after the election. How cool would that be?!

Another upside of this system: if one of the candidates is a woman, majority of votes will most likely go to her (unless she’s butt ugly of course, so it’s up to respective parties to run some preliminary face control, much like at a night club entrance), so that will appeal to those who support feminism and gender equality. If both candidates are women – even better! Who wouldn’t rather look at photos of two ladies vs gents? No offense guys, it’s just that nature made us women a bit more visually appealing (less body hair, more curves and higher hygiene standards).

All things being equal (and they are, since candidates had to go through so many hoops to even be nominated, it’s assumed they have resilience, smart enough, can read and speak, have good manners, etc), a nice, friendly personality that’s reflected in your appearance, would be a deciding factor. It’s true: how many beautiful people do you know who are also huge assholes? I personally don’t, so I say it’s a fact.

To prove my point, I made this easy-as-heck photo chart with election results all the way back to 1980. And look ma – Hot or Not system predicts results just as good as your old boring voting! (before 1980 photo quality is pretty bad, and the candidates are pretty old, so it’s just no fun for me to dig deeper. Plus I didn’t even exist back then…)

* Photo source: Wikipedia

So in the year 2016, I’d love to see it coming down between Ryan Gosling and Angelina! They are young enough, so I don’t think they will age badly in 4 years, and hot enough to keep this fun!

Admit it – are you just excited as me to give this system a go?!

*Disclaimer: this post is mostly a joke, so don’t come hunting me with spades and don’t leave angry comments. 10% of it however, it’s true, I’ll let you figure out which part.

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