Writers write

Thats one of the shortest pieces of wisdom I found online somewhere, and it’s profound in its simplicity.

If you want to become someone – do what the job requires. If you want to be a writer – write. If you want to be a coder – code. Teachers teach. Doing is everything.

I strive to write at least every other day. I don’t even want to be a writer. What I’d love to become is a better communicator and storyteller.

As Mike puts it:

… By learning to string words together well, you are actually learning to observe well. Language enables thinking, and by extension better language enables better thinking. Better language comes from practice and story telling, so try narrating your own life in an attempt at objective self-reflection

Here are some great posts on why everyone needs to write and how to do it better, to serve as inspiration/kick in the butt (for you and for me):

Jeff Atwood: Fear of writing and Always be shipping, always be jabbing
James Altucher: Tips for becoming a better writer (including some you’ve never heard)

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