Learn to code for free AND score a cool job in LA

A few days ago I learned about a very cool and unique way to get yourself a job as a coder at GOOD – an innovative digital media company based in Los Angeles. And the best part – you donâ??t even need a CS degree or know how to code, you can learn!

GOOD partnered with Apollo Group and created â??Coding for Goodâ? – a hybrid between online learning and job application. The steps are simple:

  1. Learn how to code with experts from Twitter, GrooveShark, HUGE and SoundCloud. How awesome is that?!
  2. Complete your final project by the end of November
  3. Selected finalists are flown to LA to compete in the final round

Start learning to code now, so you can submit your project by December and start a new year with a new cool job. Ahh, now that Iâ??m writing this, Iâ??m actually tempted to try out, to have a reason to move and combine my two passions – work with technology and surf!

Even if you donâ??t end up as a finalist, the lessons are really informative, related to modern, in-demand technology (HTML5, JavaScript, working with APIs) and even include video tutorials. I just watched the HTML5 canvas lesson by Dan from Electronic Arts, and itâ??s such great quality content that is available online, for free – so take advantage!

If you need more information, check out the Coding for Good website

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