Apple picking near the Big Apple

The fall is here, the days are crips and it’s almost the end of the apple-picking season!

It is still nice and sunny outside, so I encourage you: take your kids, take your wife, take your friends (especially if they have a car) and go have some easy outdoor fun – pick some apples! And pumpkins if your heart so desires.


Today we went to the beautiful Hudson valley in search of apples. First place, Conklin orchards in Pomona, NY (about 1 hour away) did not have any more apples available for picking (plenty Pokies to Pokies buy – but where’s fun in that?). So we went a bit further up to the New Paltz area (which is a special place for us), it took another hour but was so worth it! We found Hurds’ orchards that still had plenty of apples and other great fun: hayrides, pumpkins, maze, food and hot cider. They currently have 3 varieties of apples – Empire, Golden Delicious and Rome Beauty, all great and super juicy! And you can’t beat the gorgeous views with autumn foliage, and just simple fun of being outdoors with friends.

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