How are you gonna top yourself, asks Jack (White)

Second night of the Jack White’s performance at Radio City was way better than Saturday, according to some sources. To me, both were good in their own way. I did like the all-women band, I think Jack mellows out somewhat when he plays with them (saw him twice with this band, compared to seeing him twice with the all-men band).

*Photo from Brooklyn Vegan

However, there were still people saying that the show wasn’t as great as other previous ones.

Tonight was obviously better than last night, but by no means was it good. Jack was on auto pilot the entire time, practically running through the set so he could finish. His energy was painfully low for most of the show, and you could see how defeated he felt in his body language. Definitely not what I was hoping for to make up for yesterday.
– Anonymous commenter| October 1, 2012 2:34 AM

Now this lyrics come to mind: how do you keep outdoing yourself, especially once you set the bar really high?

How you gonna top yourself
When there is nobody else?
How you gonna do it by yourself?
’Cause I’m not gonna be here to help you
– “Top Yourself” by Jack White/Raconteurs

Not at easy feat for anyone, including Jack.

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