Soundtrack of the night: Hiromi

This week has been pretty busy, between negotiation workshops and various projects at work, and a few afterwork events, I can’t believe it’s almost Friday.

Highlights this week:

  • Phillies beat Mets on Monday night! We had such great seats at the Citi field (gifted to Sean), in the Delta club section, soft cushioned seats, perfect view of the field. And forget waiting in line for food – they bring it over to your seat! I think I’m spoiled for life. Such a fun night!
  • Gym. Yes, indeed. Class instructor Joe makes you sweat like no one else during his high intensity workout, and makes you feel awesome afterwords. Fellow gym goer: “I hate this class!” Me: “And yet you keep coming back!”
  • 180 days play by Taren Sterry, our improv instructor extrodinaire. She’s amazing, and her upbeat energy just carries the performance through. Highly recommended
  • Hiromi’s performance at the Blue Note! Just got back and it was absolutely frigging mindblowing! First time I saw her was back in 2007 when she just released her “Time Control” album and was performing at the Borders store (remember Borders?), and I was blown away. I’ve seen her a couple of times since then, and every time I’m in awe. Her show with Stanley Clarke was one of the best, as two of my friends agreed wholeheartedly. Definitely check out her performance, she’s playing tomorrow and Saturday.

Here’s a delicious piece by Hiromi, where she puts a fun spin on a classic, Pachebel’s Canon in D.

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