Fun Friday

Wow what a day at work, lots of love and fun projects.

A couple of weeks ago I put together a hosting recommendation our Bravo team (and we also did a bunch of other projects earlier), and look what I found today on my desk! A tshirt and an autographed Top Chef cookbook!


Such a cool and sweet gift! I will have to cook something out of that book, how about this intriguing dessert:

The thing that cracked me up: this “orgasm” requires tapioca pillows, takes 3 hours and requires chilling overnight! :D

This one looks super yummy too:

Also, my insights team told me today that they were able to use the CSV file (genereated by my quick/dirty python script) and make some neat charts out of it!

And, to make it even better, I’ve finally got a bit of time to add URL parsing feature to my app, tested and deployed it. Wish more days were so focused and fun!

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