Python > write to a CSV file with Twitter API lookups

As I wrote a couple days ago, I had a quick task at hand, where I needed to populate a CSV column with data from Twitter (lookup tweets given their IDs and find out source of each tweet).

First attempt to do it with node.js (for the sake of speed, plus I love node) did not quite work. So I decided to fallback on Python and write a quick and dirty script to scarlett johansson pokies get Pokies it done, forgetting about events and async calls.

The sample can be found on Github.

I’m still eager to get this done with node, so I can hook it up to Dropbox API and process those files automatically whenever the insights team needs them. And going to Python made me realize how awesome NPM for node really is! Painless module installs and a variety of modules to choose from – love!

One thought on “Python > write to a CSV file with Twitter API lookups

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