Vive le cin?ma, vive la diff?rence!

Yesterday was a great day. I managed to get all my house cleaning done, did some yoga, and saw quite a few of my friends, then made a delicious dinner at home with Max (pelmeni from scratch!). After we ate, we decided to watch a movie on our super cool projector screen. But which movie? We couldn’t really find anything on Netflix or Amazon prime, then Max had a great idea of looking for one on a Russian site. The movie he found is French and is called the Intouchables. .

We both loved it! I really like French cinema, as we had films playing on TV pretty often when I was growing up (such as Le Jouet with Pierre Richar). This movie, turned out, is very recent (2011) and was a huge hit in France (#2 top all-time grossing film).

I highly recommend it, very refreshing, full of humor and great acting from the two main characters. And wait – it’s based on a true story. And wait – it’s still playing in theaters in NYC, go see it now!

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