When the weather is stormy…

… and you don’t have a thunder buddy (mine is out of town), calm yourself down by doing yoga in your room

As we know now, hurricane remains are floating around NYC area this weekend. Which means no surfing :( – sad face. But as surfers say, you take what life gives you and work it. The alternate plan for this morning was to wake up early, clean the apartment, then go do yoga in the city. All went according to plan, except it started pouring around 10am. Thankfully, earlier this week, I got a free app card from Starbucks and it happened to be some “create-your-own-yoga” thing, so I decided to give it a try.

The app is called “ “Pocket yoga builder” and is pretty simple, you click on various yoga pose icons, then they are linked into a practice. You can customize how long each pose should last, and set a background (ocean, desert and mountains). Which got me thinking – who in their right mind would do yoga in a desert? Maybe James Franco.

I linked together 97 poses which totalled 15 minutes of yoga and gave it a try. And it turned out pretty good – the voice of the lady sounded somewhat robotic, but hey, maybe she was stuck in the desert for too long! Overall, not bad for a rainy day for a free app!

PS: You should really watch the thunder buddy video too:

One thought on “When the weather is stormy…

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