You know what we did last summer?

And then, there’s the “How I spent my summer” essay that you have to write in school… So how was your summer?

Mine was filled with fun and great times with friends and family – couldn’t wish for a better one! Here’s a recap of all the amazing things that we did:

  • Welcomed Max to NYC!
  • Went to the Phillies vs Mets baseball game
  • Celebrated Ohn’s 25th birthday for the 3rd time by mini-golfing on pier 25 and eating Italian
  • Went on a Big Onion food tour with Sean and dad, found some interesting bits of history about LES and all the nationalities that live there
  • Had such a great, relaxing bachelorette party with 7 gorgeous ladies in Myrtle Beach, SC
  • Successful camping trip with 10 people and a puppy – first time for many, hooray!
  • Saw Aziz Ansari’s hilarious “Buried Alive” show in Atlantic City and ran into a hot bachelor party
  • Spent 4th of July in NYC, at a house party with amazing views of the harbor and Lady Liberty
  • Heard lots of fun stories from Sean’s bachelor trip to Iceland (they managed to get 15 guys together – very impressive)
  • Planned and pulled off Sean’s surprise birthday at Beekman beer garden
  • Proved that close to home can be so fun – planned a surprise weekend trip to Providence, Rhode Island, with a visit to Newport mansions
  • Spent lots of time on the beach
  • Attended Sandy and Ryan’s beautiful wedding in Liberty State park
  • Went to Mohonk for the weekend, one of my favorite places with my favorite people! Swam across the lake 3 times, did yoga, ate plenty and healthy, saw a real hummingbird and a baby deer and found a hidden Monet garden
  • Celebrated our anniversary!
  • Did Max’s birthday right with tons of Uzbek food and my home made cake
  • Went surfing – un-frigging-believable, awesomest experience!!!!!!!
  • Caught outdoor movies in Brooklyn bridge park: saw “Clueless” – last movie of this summer on a perfect night
  • Saw the real Saturn through a real telescope (courtesy of NY Astronomers) at Brooklyn bridge park
  • De-cluttered, cleaned and simplified the apartment, donated no longer used items to Salvation army
  • Enjoyed Labor day weekend with family in Wildwood, NJ – budget-friendly fun, thrill rides and waterparks, drove a Fiat Cinquecento Convertible – yeah!

Career-wise, it’s been busy and super fun too:

Hope you too had an amazing summer! Now let’s get excited for a beautiful autumn: gorgeous weather, new fashion (much prefer layered looks to all the skimpy stuff), Oktoberfest, apple picking, Halloween… bring it on!

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