September 1st – Knowledge day

Itâ??s September again folks! And it means crispy cool mornings, time to go back to school for kids.

September 1st is the first day of school in the former Soviet Union countries (and Kazakhstan where Iâ??m from). Itâ??s a fun day, when you wake up early, dress up, buy flowers for your teacher on the way to school (a must) and attend the first day of school event, also called the, there is always a little ceremony where a first-grader girl is carried around the schoolyard, sitting on a shoulder of a high-school guy and ringing the first bell of the school year. Ah, the memories!

Here’s some vintage Soviet cards from my own collection:

September 1st

“First time – first grade”

Iâ??m so thankful to my school and my great teachers for all those school years that made me who I am now. And a little bit jealous of those kids who still have so many interesting days ahead of them.

*Photo of schoolkids in Kazakhstan. Credit:

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