NYTM > August 2012 Meetup Notes

Favorite three demos of the night:

  • MIDI to NES sound controller: take midi output from any device and play sounds on NES. Very cool! The guy made the chip and also programmed it on the hardware level. Funded by raising 15 grand on Kickstarter

  • Project Noah: visual encyclopedia of all things live on planet Earth, crowdsourced by people all around the globe. Now part of the National Geographic. Super cool

  • Citelighter: cool app for research, very helpful for students. Great energy during demo and Q&A by the cofounder (Q: Don’t you think student will copy each other’s research? A: Sharing is caring, bro!”).

Funniest presenter was the bMobilized European guy, who finished every answer during Q&A with “Make sense??” question, delivered in Arnold Schwarzenegger accent. Hilarious!

You can view the list of all presenters on the NYTM website

Dropbox, Virtual box and git stopped working on Mountain Lion

If you, like me, ran into issues after installing Mountain Lion, here is the list of fixes.


Dropbox “copy public link” option disappeared from the menu. This is easily fixed by getting the patched version of dropbox

Virtual Box

You’ll need to download version 4.1.18 and re-installed it.

If you see a security message, follow instructions on this page


Git gives “command not found” message. Steps to fix:

1. open your ~/.bash_profile
2. add this line to the file:

export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/git/bin/

3. Save & close the file and type on the terminal:
$ source ~/.bash_profile