Women in tech and having it all

There’s much debate about both issues these days.

What do I think about women in tech? I think they exist. And so do men. I propose we give them all a new name: human in tech. And move on.

Complaning and whining rarely solve an issue. Assholes and jerks (of both gender) exist in every industry. So let’s take them down by being better than them, and move on to doing amazing things, in tech and elsewhere

What do I think about having it all? I think one has to realize it’s impossible to have it all, unless you’re god (in which case I’m willing to bet you don’t exist). Pick things that are important to you, be it money, career, megayacht, family, teaching kids to read, as long as it’s a finite list and you feel confident you can do it. Then do it. Have everything on your list, be happy.

2 thoughts on “Women in tech and having it all

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