Happy birthday, Mike!

Mike is one of the most influential people in my professional life, and also a dear friend.

I wanted to express my gratitude and wish him a very happy birthday!

Thank you Mike for inspiring, enlightening, educating us all, and for being an amazing friend!

Quote from Mike’s post (just one of the many thoughtful, eloquent articles from his blog):

If everything worth doing were easy, everyone would be doing it, and it would lose its special-ness, and wouldnâ??t be worth doing anymore (this may be debated, but Iâ??m talking in a broad competitive sense). Therefore, the initial difficulty you encounter on mastering a new skill, musical instrument, or merely being more successful in life, is just part of the grand scheme of things. Patience, persistence, and keen observational skills can help you get over the initial difficulties built into any task worth doing, and truly separate you from the crowd.

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