Google Nexus 7 makes a great gift

It was my little cousin’s birthday yesterday – happy birthday Max! And by little I mean he just turned 24! And while some might say he’s a grown man now (yes, yes), he’s still “little” to me, because I’ll always remember him being the youngest kid of the four of us (me, my sister, his sister and Max were really close growing up).

Max is long overdue to get a smartphone, and we’ve had numerous discussions about iOS vs Android, just like the rest of the world.

To make the best of both worlds, I wanted to let him decide what platform will rule them all! Thanks to Mike’s advice, me and family got him a Google Nexus 7, and some $ for the upcoming new iPhone 5. Now it’s up to you, little cousin, to answer that trick question :)

PS: Ordering it was a breeze – ordered it through Google Play (with Google Wallet account) on Wednesday, and Friday morning it was all mine to gift! Nicely done, Google!

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