The joy of uncluttering

This past weekend was a great weekend. We did not go on a fun summer getaway, nor had some extravagant party night out.

A huge thing that we did – uncluttered our apartment. It took 4 hours on Saturday, and created 3 huge blue Ikea bags of donations taken to the Salvation Army (and another big bag of books waiting its turn).

Some people love redecorating their homes, we love removing unnecessary things and creating more space, and the light feeling that it brings. I think the small sizes of NYC apartments is a great incentive to be creative and save yourself from the plague that is consumerism.

I have a rule of thumb for anything material that I have: clothes, books, other things: if you haven’t used it in 6-12 months, just get rid of it. Sean used to be somewhat sentimental towards his old tshirts (what is it with guys and tshirts?) but then he realized that most of clothes in the closet that he never wore anymore were out of style, or too big or wrong fit. And he also changed his thinking, realizing that things that he does not use will benefit someone else who actually needs them.

Now all of our closets are neatly organized, we only kept things that are of use, and it feels like there’s more room to breathe in the apartment => big smiles :)

One thing that we are still working on is greeting cards and other memorabilia: we love the notes, but there’s a big box of cards just sitting there. I’m looking for a way to digitize them, so we still have all the notes and memories, but don’t have to hold on to the actual cards (maybe create some cool craft project out of them and gift it).

Curious to hear tips on this, and on uncluttering living spaces in general.

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