Fun birthday idea for a group in NYC

My best friend Ohn had a birthday a couple of months ago, and she absolutely loves to be surprised on her birthday. Who doesn’t? I don’t! I’m one of those weirdos who hates surprises, but I love planning things for friends.

Last year we went on an epic fun girl trip to Vegas, and this year we wanted to do something fun in the city. So here are the details on how this birthday fun came together.

Task: do a fun outdoor activity with 16-20 people, then grab dinner and drinks. Also, make it reasonably priced, since we all are just millionaires in the making (not actual ones, yet).

Outdoor fun item: check!
To start the birthday off right, I came up with the idea of playing mini-golf on pier 25. I work in TriBeCa and sometimes on a nice day, me and my coworkers would walk to the river and have lunch on the pier. That’s when I noticed a nice mini-golf course, so I looked more into it, and they accepted large group reservations. Bingo! Added benefit – it’s right by the water, so it’s breezy even on a hot day, and has nice views.

When the birthday girl arrived, we all waited by the entrance with a huge “Happy Birthday” banner and a cake (from Duane Park Patisserie) – she was totally surprised and happy! We ate the cake and played golf – good times!

Dinner: check!
My awesome friend Kim offered to help find a restaurant for dinner in TriBeCa, and we agreed upon going to Max, an italian restaurant 5 minutes away. The vibe was very nice and cozy, and since we had a pretty big group we ordered one of each appetizer to share and then each person got an entree. We also had drinks but skipped dessert since we had cake, and all agreed that the meal was really good. The service was also quick and good.

Drinks: check!
It was still nice out and fairly early, so some of us decided to grab drinks. We didn’t actually plan on this, but I remembered another spot around my office with an outdoor garden. So we went to check it out. The atmosphere was great – cozy lights and beautiful people, although the drinks were on expensive side. Nonetheless, we enjoyed it, and that concluded the birthday celebration.

If you are looking for a birthday idea for a group – feel free to borrow, everyone agreed that it was fun. Of course, great friends make all the difference, so make sure to invite your best peeps!

Budget breakdown (approximate, as I don’t remember exact numbers):
– Mini-golf: about $25 per person (1.5 hours of golf). Make sure you make reservations if you’re planning to come with a large group, especially on a weekend
– Cake: $45
– Happy birthday banner, cake plates, forks and candles: around $15-20
– Dinner: about $50 per person
– Drinks: about $14 per drink

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