Import/export of Mongo DB to Mongolab

So today I decided it’s time for the app to be live on the internets!

First off, I migrated the app to heroku (pretty straightforward process, instructions can be found here: and I wrote about migration to Heroku/Mongolab my post)

Then, of course, needed to migrate the existing local mongo database to Mongolab.

Step 1: export your local mongo database using mongodump:

In terminal, find your mongo directory and run

./mongodump or bin/mongodump

This will create a directory “dump” with all existing databases and collections

Note: if you only need to export certain databases or collections, read up the instructions on the mongo site

Step 2: import your dumped db files to Mongolab:

bin/mongorestore -h -d  -u  -p  dump/

The values for db name, port, app id can be easily found through Mongolab admin console:

As you see, once imported, your collections will be listed in the admin console.

2 thoughts on “Import/export of Mongo DB to Mongolab

  1. Ian Dee

    Hey Tanya, I found this super helpful while trying to sync my local database with an mLab project. Much clearer and way more concise than reading through the official mongo docs. Nice work!

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