Trying out Skillshare

Last Friday was a Skillshare day – and it was fantastic! I took a personal day from work to attend the Skillshare Penny conference (first ever), and boy, was it great! I’ll cover the conference in a separate post, and here wanted to recap the experience of taking classes through Skillshare.

All Friday classes were in a brief, 45-minute format. This was because the conf started at 1pm, and i think to encourage people to take a few classes and get a feel for the systems and teachers – very cool idea. I took 2 – a Biz Dev class and a hands-on “optimize your mac workflow”.

First off, both were good. The teachers are obviously experts in their field, so don’t fret fellas. There’s also reviews on Skillshare and star ratings and such.

The biz dev class was mostly the instructor talking through slides, good info but honestly, i don’t ever remember anything in particular that stood out to me and something that I didn’t quite know before. Maybe it was because of the compressed version of his 3-hour class, and I had to run to the next class before he was done.

The 2nd class was a complete opposite – none of theory, all hands-on tips taught by a developer. I instantly knew it was gonna be great, because of the no-nonsense, laid back manner that Jeff was using. Or I’m just partial to fellow developers :) And I’ve gained a lot from the class just by watching him demo his mac tips. Extra points for recommended apps to check out (byword for markdown writing, alfred for search – I do think that spotlight does this just fine though)

All in all, very positive experience with Skillshare, already signed up for another one of Jeff’s classes on responsive design/coding, and watching a few of other cool ones. The classes are very affordable too, I know a couple of peeps who are teaching at NYU and it costs thousands (given, they are longer courses). Skillshare ones are shorter commitment, cheaper and more focused.

And last neat thing about checking classes out: they were all taught at coworking spaces (wix lounge, grind, hive55) so you have a chance to see how they look and know where they are, in case you wanna work outside the house/regular office. That’s what I call a Friday morning well spent.

To follow: notes on Skillshare Penny conf.

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