Mongo meetup april: quick notes

Excellent mongo meetup again – their meetups are always informative and have good presenters, today all three were great.

1) Custom shard balancer from GameChanger
2) Mongolian – node.js driver for mongo by Marcello
3) Variety – schema analyzer for mongo by James Cropcho

I especially enjoyed Marcello’s and James’ presentations, because both of them are so passionate about what they do and defy the awesomeness of NYC tech scene today: take a NYC-made product and make it better, and open source too. I took James’ ruby class a couple of weeks ago and it was great as well, his easy and engaging manner of speaking and unusual fashion sense just draw attention – highly recommended.

Shard balancer demo was very cool as well, but seemed to solve kind of a custom problem, which wouldn’t apply to as many mongo users as the other two.

Shard balancer (python):

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