In search of new hosting

I’ve been staying on the same hosting provider for years now just because it’s cheap, worked OK, and there was no real need to change it. However, big disappointment – something that I just discovered by chance: all htaccess files were hijacked and a bunch of weird redirects were added to the top and bottom of each file. The site would load fine, but you see a lot of traffic going to some shady Russian site (duh, not surprising, and I’m from Russia) before it actually loads.

So I spent the past 20-30 mins removing that junk, only to discover that shady redirects were still going on. Then I looked into the root web directory, and there I found a non-previously-existent master htaccess file with same traffic going to basooo dot ru. WTF! Not only existing files were compromised, but also a new files were inserted as well.

Moving off hostmonster ASAP. Screenshot of the shady stuff:

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