Learning Ruby

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon classes offered at General Assembly, and one of them was a 3-hour class on Ruby. So of course I had to sign up!

I don’t necessarily want to become a Ruby developer, but I’ve always wanted to at least know the basics and how it works and if it’s really as easy as they say to get up and running with a ruby/rails powered web app.

So what’s the answer? The short answer is: it is fairly easy to get the gist of it and put together a quick prototype. Gotchas: lots of things to install, and with any language, you have to know what you’re doing (things such as MVC, database schema design, version control, etc.)

Overall, it was a great experience! I loved that the class was full (30 people), close to 1/3 of them were ladies, and the instructor (James Cropcho) gave us plenty of hands-on time and was available to answer all questions (and chewed like 25 pieces of gum during the course of the class).

Will definitely be checking out more Glasses at General Assembly – highly recommended.

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