As cool as email testing can get

I’m having a crazy morning trying to troubleshoot an email template for Lotus. The problem is that it shows fine in Lotus 7 and 8, but one person on the client side is using weird Lotus 7.0.2 and it just wouldn’t show normally there. Black text on white background inside a table cell is missing! WTF! Once I calmed down ands stopped screaming “Just tell them to get a normal email and stop bothering me” I looked around for a solution that would allow me to test the template in all those weird lotus versions. And here’s an awesome one: LitmusApp. The interface is superslick and they also give you a 1 hour pass to test it! I was able to view and troubleshoot my email in that hour. So if you’re having email testing pains like me, give it a try.

2 thoughts on “As cool as email testing can get

  1. Thanks for the review Tanya. I’m glad you found Litmus useful, and glad you got your Lotus Notes bug fixed! Notes definitely does some strange things to HTML emails.

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